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     Hummavore is a small-batch, fresh hummus maker whirling out premium hummus with a distinctive and old-world creamy taste! We mix globally unique and culturally-defining flavors with sustainable sourcing and intensive crafting to bring the best homemade tasting hummus to your table.

     Each container of hummus is crafted over a three-day period with dry chickpeas soaked for up to 12 hours before being cooked, cooled, strained, drained, and their skins teased apart for that creamy smoothness (and that's just the chickpeas). We use two different kinds of tahini to make an oil-free base hummus, only adding organic extra-virgin olive oil to some toppings. Add in all the ingredients being sourced from local, organic, or non-GMO sources and you have a hand-crafted, authentic Hummavore hummus. 

     And, in addition to our year-round flavors, we try to have a locally-based, seasonal flavor whenever possilbe like Wild Ramp Pesto, Garlic Scape, Onion Verde,  or Roasted Red (pepper and cherries)!

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Produced @:

Local Roots Kitchen

140 S. Walnut Street

Wooster, OH 44691




Tel: 443-821-8087